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Scroll down to meet the men of All Cocks INC. 


Meet the men of All Cocks INC.

Victor Dimir (Dracula) - Andrew  Jones Dimir (Mom) - Matthew Dimir (Mattie)

This power throuple runs All Cocks INC.  Their business is such a success because they are firm believers that family comes first and they treat all their guys like family! This threesome recently became fathers when they adopted a baby girl, Astrid Elena Dimir. 

<- Chris aka Kris Alen

This once straight gay for pay model is 6 foot 3 inches of long, lean muscle and is all attitude and ink. He dominates on film, but behind the scenes he's a big ole' teddy bear with his partner Linc.

Lincoln Carter aka Linc Larson ->

This openly bisexual, versatile model is just under 6 feet tall and just might have more ink than his boo, fellow All Cocks model, Chris.  These two sexy studs have a strong, stable relationship because they leave work at work and neither of them bottom on film. 

<- William Richards aka Connor

William is the anomaly of All Cocks INC.  At 6 foot  and roughly 200 lbs of solid muscle, men generally assume he's a top. They would be wrong. Fans of All Cocks LOVE Connor's videos, love seeing the big man get dominated by his partner on screen. More than a few tears were shed when William left All Cocks to help his boyfriend Beau run his bar. 

{model: Joey D | photographer: KJ Heath}

Gabriel Simonsen aka Gorgeous Gabe ->

Effeminate and Ethereal, Gabe  moved behind the camera and then cut off his long hair after losing his partner, Gio. Never fear, he found love again with fellow, former model Micah (Aiden Cox) and psychiatrist Tristan Brennan.  Gabe, Micah and Tristan moved into a town home in the city and now Gabe spends his days cooking for his guys and his nights... well, I'm sure you can guess. 

Dusty Anderson aka Ashton Fox ->

Did somebody call for a cowboy?!  This Texan came to NY to pursue an acting career and wound up in front  of a different kind of camera. He's one of the shorter models, a few inches shy of six feet, but dayum... his body is bangin!   

<- Micah Solo aka Aiden Cox

Micah is a wounded warrior. The army vet that lost his leg from the knee down returned from Iraq suffering with PTSD. Within a year of coming to work for All Cocks, Micah is now happy and content with his TWO men, Gabe and Tristan. While Gabe still works behind the scenes at All Cocks, Micah is now a model for the company that makes his blade legs.  Their third, partner Tristan Brennan, used ground breaking treatment to help Micah with his PTSD.

<- Kory White aka Hayden Cox

One of the first five, Kory was  once known as the 'Asshole of All Cocks' but his cocky persona was just that, a facade. After meeting his match in one NYPD detective, Jon Brennan, Kory left All Cocks. His videos are still in the top downloads though. With those brown eyes, bronze skin and toned physique... he's every gay mans wet dream.

Jacob Cooper aka Jae Hart ->

Jacob is one of All Cocks newest models. At 6 foot 2  with long strawberry blonde hair, mesmerizing bedroom eyes and that flawless skin... be still my heart. Being gay in Wyoming wasn't working for him so Jacob got the hell out of dodge and moved to NYC. 

Jacob is trying to establish a relationship with one of Beau's wards, Tommy. If Beau doesn't kill or castrate him in the process. 

shutterstock_165490349 - Copy.jpg

<- Ricardo aka Rocky

Who doesn't love a sexy Italian Stallion??  And when he puts on those glasses... Yow and Za! Rocky is  a part time model for All Cocks that once had his sights set on Mattie.